Birthmark removal

Laser birthmark removal is a simple, effective and non-invasive way of removing unwanted birthmarks. 

A birthmark is a benign (harmless) lesion on the skin which is usually present at birth (or can appear shortly after birth) and can occur anywhere on the body. Dermatologists divide birthmarks into two types, namely pigmented birthmarks and vascular birthmarks.

Pigmented birthmarks: these are caused by excess melanin (skin pigment) and include moles, café-au-lait spots and Mongolian spots. Laser birthmark removal for pigmented birthmarks works by heating the lesion using laser light. The dark lesion absorbs the light, turns darker and forms a light crust. This in turn breaks up and flakes away, much like removing a sunspot. Laser birthmark removal for pigmented birthmarks is only suitable for treating lesions which are epidermal in other words, in the upper layers of the skin. Dermal pigmented birthmarks are not suitable for laser or IPL treatment. Please note we DO NOT TREAT MOLES.

Vascular birthmarks: these are caused by increased blood vessels in a given area and include macular stains, hemangiomas and port wine stains. Laser birthmark removal for vascular (red) birthmarks works by heating the blood in the excess vessels. The dried blood then gets cleared and carried away by our white blood cells in the same way that our bodies clear a bruise.

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Prices start at £80 per treatment. A personaiised quote will be given at your free consultation. At Laser Skin Solutions we offer a price match promise which guarantees you we will not be beaten on price locally when comparing like for like medical grade lasers and IPLs

How do I know whether I have a pigmented birthmark or a vascular birthmark?

Vascular birthmarks are red in colour due to the excess blood vessels in the skin. A pigmented birthmark is brown or light brown in colour.


How does laser birthmark removal work?

Like all laser treatments, whether it's permanent hair removal or laser thread vein removal, treatment involves heating the target, in this case a birthmark. If we are treating a pigmented birthmark the laser light will heat the target, making the brown (pigmented) birthmark turn darker in colour. This in turn will lightly crust and flake away over a period of 2-3 weeks.

When treating a vascular (red) birthmark the blood in the excess vessels absorbs the laser light and gets heated. The dried blood then gets carried away by our white blood vessels, in the same way that our bodies clear a bruise. 


How many laser treatments are required for birthmark removal?

This very much depends on whether we are treating a vascular or pigmented birthmark and which type. Some birthmarks can be removed in a couple of session, others where there is a lot of blood vessels for instance can take significantly more. A more accurate number of treatments will be determined at your free consultation. 


Is the treatment painful?

Treatment is not painful but can be a little uncomfortable. Patients will experience a stinging sensation as the IPL is fired. However any discomfort is kept to a minimum with the use of a cooling gel and our cryo cooler which blows cold air on the area of skin being lasered. Post treatment cooling is also advised.


Can anyone offer this kind of treatment?

At Laser Skin Solutions all staff are required to undertake the nationally recognised BTEC Award for the delivery of Laser and Light technologies and techniques. This requires months of studying and training with both written and practical exams. We are the only clinic locally to hold this qualifications. We do not solely rely on the standard 1 day training provided by the laser manufacturer. Staff at Laser Skin Solutions are trained to a very high standard and regularly update their clinical knowledge and skills.

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Female age 39 before Laser birthmark removal  After 13 laser / IPL birthmark removal treatments
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