Blackhead Treatment

Blackheads normally occur when large pores in the skin are filled with environment dirt. Can be combined with things like natural oils from our skin, creams and makeup can all contribute to blackheads The clinical term for blackheads is an 'open comedo' or 'comedones' in plural. 

You are most likely going to find blackheads for the first time during puberty as all of your hormones are fluctuating which can increase the production of your skin oils and clog up our pores and will cause the debris to turn black when exposed to the air. 

Whilst it may be tempting to squeeze these blackheads to extract the debris, we advise you don't do this as you can make the pores get bigger by squeezing them and that means your blackheads will get bigger. 

Here at laser skin we recommend using glycolic acid in the form of a daily wash and topical treatment. We also recommend glocolic peels. These have a purging effect on the skin which means if used regularly, it should keep your skin healthy and clear.