Laser Hair Removal Treatment


machine.jpgExcess hair can be unsightly, difficult or inconvenient to remove, and grows back quickly. Shaving, waxing and depilatory creams are all temporary methods that must be repeated on a regular basis. Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal is the only clinically proven treatment available for laser hair removal. 

At Laser Skin Solutions we use both a Laser and Intense Pulsed Light system for permanent hair removal, enabling us to treat all skin types. Your skin is safe in our hands.

Whether you have fair or dark hair, we have a laser hair removal solution for you. We offer a choice of 3 different laser and IPL hair removal equipment handpieces, as well as electrolysis hair removal.

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Body Area Single treatment Course of 5 treatments = 20% off single prices
Bikini £120

£480 (equivalent to £96 per treatment)

Brazilian £150

£600 (equivalent to £120 per treatment)

Underarm £75

£300 (equivalent to £60 per treatment)

Chin £50

£200 (equivalent to £40 per treatment)

Upper lip £50

£200 (equivalent to £40 per treatment)


Treatment (cost per session) Cost
Abdomen (mid-line) £80
Abdomen (extended) £140
Arms Full (front) £210
Arms Lower (front) £125
Back - Full £400
Back - Lower £250
Back - Upper £250
Bikini line (mini) £70
Bikini line (standard) £120
Bikini line (extended) £150
Peri-anal £80
Buttocks £180
Cheeks / sideburns £80
Chest £150
Chin £50
Chin & jawline £140
Ears £50
Forehead £80
Full face (incl. forehead) £250
Hands or Feet £100
Jawline £100
Legs - full £425
Legs - full & bikini (standard) £495
Legs - lower £250
Legs - upper £300
Legs - upper & bikini (standard) £400
Lip & chin £80
Lip, chin and jawline £180
Lip upper £50
Naval £50
Neck (front or back) £100
Nipple area £60
Temples (both) £80
Underarms £75
Treatment (cost per session) Cost
Abdomen (mid-line) £150
Abdomen (extended) £250
Arms Full (front) £350
Arms Lower (front) £250
Back - full £500
Back - lower £300
Back - upper £300
Bikini (mini) £90
Bikini (standard) £140
Bikini (extended) £170
Peri-anal £100
Buttocks £200
Beard area £250
Chest £250
Ears £80
Forehead £100
Full face (incl forehead) £300
Hands or feet £125
Legs - full £600
Legs - full & bikini (standard) £720
Legs - lower £300
Legs - upper £360
Legs - upper & bikini (standard) £560
Lip upper (moustache) £70
Neck (front or back) £150
Temples (both) £80
Underarms £100

What system is used at Laser Skin Solutions?

We use a medical grade Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system – the Lynton Lumina®, which enables us to treat all skin types. 

The Lumina offers the most advanced treatments currently available, providing the very best balance of clinical results, speed of treatment and client comfort. 

How does laser hair removal work?

A short burst of light is fired at the skin's surface. Light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft, where it heats and destroys the hair. If the hair is in the growth stage (anagen), the heat is transmitted down the hair shaft to the base of the follicle and to the germ cells lining the follicle shaft, causing their destruction.

Hair caught in the growth stage will not grow again. Other follicles, which are not actively growing may produce new hair. These follicles will need to be targeted in the growth stage to effect follicle damage. 

How many Laser hair removal treatments will I need?

Everyone is different and it is just not possible to be accurate. Somewhere between 6 and 8 laser hair removal treatments are usually required. The exact number will vary depending on where the hair is, what has been done to the hair in the past and, of course, your individual response. Hormonal conditions, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), will also have a significant bearing on how the treatment progresses. At Laser Skin Solutions, we have a dedicated team of professionals to advise you on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Visit our skin advice centre on PCOS to find out more.

Can all hair colours be treated?

Laser/IPL depilation works best on dark hair because dark hair contains more pigment to absorb light. Fair hair can respond well but white hair, very blond hair and some types of red hair will not respond to a laser or an IPL system. We always carry out a patch test beforehand. 

Is laser/IPL hair removal permanent?

Yes. Actively growing hair follicles will be destroyed. However as with all depilation methods, only actively growing follicles are affected, so dormant or ‘resting’ hair follicles may start to produce hair at a later time. This ‘new growth’ (not re-growth) would need to be treated in the same manner. 

How does laser hair removal compare with other hair removal methods?

Shaving, waxing and depilatory creams are all temporary methods that must be repeated on a regular basis.

Laser and Intense Pulsed Light hair removal is the only significant improvement in hair removal in the last 20 years. Many Laser and IPL techniques, now carry the coveted American FDA approval for effective permanent hair removal.

Is the treatment painful?

No. An integrated cooling system and chilled gel are used to cool the skin. Most people experience no more than a slight tingling sensation, which may be felt a little more keenly by people with a darker complexion, as their skin will absorb more energy from the laser. In this case more attention is paid to cooling the skin, before, during and after treatment, to minimise skin reactions and discomfort.

Are there any side effects?

The most common after effect is redness of the skin that can last for a day or so. Slight blistering can occur but this is very rare and will clear up within a few days. In darker skin types, changes in skin colour can occur and you will be advised of any adjunct treatment necessary to prevent this.
Because each individual’s skin responds differently we always carry out a careful pre-treatment patch test procedure to assess individual response so that no unexpected reactions take place during a full treatment. 

Is the treatment safe?

Yes. Lasers have been used in medicine for over 30 years and there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that the treatment can lead to skin disorders or any increased risk of skin cancer. Extensive clinical trials for laser and IPL depilation have resulted in a very safe technique with a minimal risk of side effects.

Can anyone offer this kind of treatment?

At Laser Skin Solutions all staff are required to undertake the nationally recognised BTEC Award for the delivery of Laser and Light technologies and techniques. This requires months of studying and training with both written and practical exams. We are the only clinic locally to hold this qualifications. We do not solely rely on the standard 1 day training provided by the laser manufacturer. Staff at Laser Skin Solutions are trained to a very high standard and regularly update their clinical knowledge and skills.

Should anyone avoid this treatment?

The treatment should be avoided by anyone who is:

  • Hypersensitive to light
  • Suffering from live cold sores in the treatment area 
  • Suffering from vitiligo. (skin pigment loss) 
  • Pregnant 
  • A full medical history will be taken prior to any treatment being offered to exclude any problems.

How do I prepare myself for treatment?

The laser targets the pigment in the hair and skin and thus it is important that you do not have a suntan – whether natural or artificial.

If you have a tan you should wait at least 4 weeks after your last UV exposure until there is no activity in the pigment producing cells.

If you are plucking, waxing or threading, you should stop 4 weeks prior to treatment and change to shaving or cutting the hair.

The area needs to be shaved two days before treatment.

You should avoid perfumes, deodorants or any potential irritants in the treatment area before and after treatment.

You should avoid alcohol, aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as Nurofen for 48 hours before treatment - this will reduce the risk of a skin reaction.

How do I find out more?

You will need to book a consultation. This takes a full 45 minutes and is designed to allow us to assess your needs, advise you of our expectations and make our recommendations for treatment. We will then patch test to ensure that your skin reacts to the Laser or IPL in the predicted way.

Consultations and patch tests are free of charge.

Visit our blog to read more about the dos and don’ts of Laser Hair Removal

You can book your consultation by phoning us at East Cliff Therapy Centre on 01202 29 69 69.

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Before laser/IPL treatment at Laser Skin Solutions. Bournemouth - Male age 25 After 6 laser treatments at Laser Skin Solutions Bournemouth
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Before laser/IPL treatment at Laser Skin Solutions. Bournemouth – female age 27, chin and neck area  After 6 laser / IPL treatments at Laser Skin Solutions Bournemouth – female age 27, chin and neck area
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